As an industry leader, Avery Dennison is recognized worldwide for its more than 70-year track record of success. Key to earning and maintaining that reputation has been not only having the right strategies and portfolio in place, but also the right people. In fact, attracting and retaining outstanding people with a can-do spirit who share a common passion for excellence – is a Company-wide priority.
  We look for and hire highly motivated men and women who posses the skills, the talent and the desire to make a difference in our people-oriented culture, where individual ideas and creativity make an impact. People who want to maximize potential opportunities for our business and our customers – and also for themselves.
  If you consider yourself one of the best people in the world, I encourage you to join one of the best companies in the world…Avery Dennison.

  作为行业领军人物,艾利丹尼森七十多年来的成就享誉世界。公司得以保持声誉的关键不仅在于正确的策略和投资组合,还有优秀的员工。事实上,不断吸纳及培育精英是我们工作的重点之一。 公司推崇以人为本的企业文化,重视每个员工的想法和创意。我们需要有进取心、有技能、有天份的优才加入我们,不仅为公司、为我们的客户、也为你个人的职业发展。 我们广纳贤才加入世界顶级公司艾利丹尼森。

  Dean A. Scarborough
  President and Chief Executive Officer, Avery Dennison